About Future Shredding Company

Welcome to Future Shredding Inc.

Our company knows how to keep your information safe.

We are a family business and the #1 shredding company in all of Long Beach.

Our Mission

Here at Future Shredding, inc. our mission is to keep your private information safe for life. Our business was created for one basic purpose – to shred your private and confidential documents on-site, fast and efficiently.

Because we understand your need for utmost confidentiality, top security and unwavering trust, we go the extra mile to ensure that your information is completely destroyed. With Future Shredding, you do not have to worry about information leak, information mismanagement or confidentiality breach; we provide instant shredding services on-site and ensure that we thoroughly clean up after ourselves.

We shred for individuals and also cater to small and large organizations in the private and public sector.

Future Shredding is strictly family-owned and operated; this is because we want to provide customers with the utmost assurance that anyone on our team can be trusted.

We care about our customers’ safety and would NEVER try to cut corners at the expense of our customers’ security.

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Through Hard Work and Human Ingenuity We’ve Achieved:

High esteem in the hearts of all of our clients.
On time and follow through service.
7 years of perfect performance. *According to our current clients. 
Customize shredding for all clients.
“These guys are awesome. Future Shredding came out to our place and took care of all of our documents on site. I didn’t have to lift a finger. I commend them for being on time and on schedule for everything I requested. They give a great price for what you pay. I won’t be using anyone else.” — Aris Ford